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The Story

The Neamț Piano Festival is to take place over a long weekend in one of the most picturesque cities in Romania, Piatra Neamț, which lies at the heart of the historic and folkloric region of Moldavia.

The Festival presents a multi-faceted personality: it will showcase world-renowned concert pianists and maestros; provide an innovative platform for artistic fusions between piano music and other art forms (jazz and painting for the 2017 edition); facilitate networking between the artists and concert promoters and be a catalyst for future artistic ideas and developments.

The Festival will comprise four main events: an opening concert for piano solo accompanied by a stage set with visual projections; on the following day a ‘four hand’ piano concert and a jazz fusion on Bach’s Double Concerto arranged for piano and jazz singer and, on the last day, a fine gala finale with a symphony orchestra , where two of the most dazzling piano concertos of our time , Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto and the Tchaikovsky 1st Piano Concerto are going to shake the theatre from its roots and spice up the Grand Finale of this inaugural edition of the Neamț Piano Festival.

Hour long breaks between the concerts will afford an opportunity for refreshment and to enjoy the art exhibitions organized in the theatre.

The main focus of the Festival is the repertoire for classical piano but we shall encourage a synergy with the other art forms to shake up the way people respond to classical music.

The aim is to stir the usual boundaries as we search for inspiration to keep classical music alive with interested audiences for the next generation of artists.

One attraction of the Festival will be its wide appeal: whether a budding piano virtuoso or a music lover, a teacher  or a learner, the Festival will offer something for everyone wishing to deepen their interest in the piano. In addition the Festival welcomes all visitors ready to engage with Romania’s heritage and people.

The Festival also embraces the role of educating young up-and-coming musicians and artists from Romania, affording them the opportunity for free masterclasses with one or more of the participating artists, in order to inspire and enrich the cultural life of the local community.

In addition to the intensive artistic programme, the weekend may be extended to allow the possibility to explore some of the cultural and historical sites of the surrounding region, including medieval citadels, painted monasteries, gorgeous mountain hikes and events with local traditional music and cuisine. A special sight-seeing bus tour will be offered to our Festival artists and special guests.

Short Video teaser of the city below :