Andrei Nuțu was born in 1996, in Piatra Neamț, Romania. He developed and refined his art skills at Liceul de Arte Victor Brauner in his hometown, and is currently studying painting in his second year at Universitatea de Artă și Design in Cluj Napoca.

In recent years, as a member of the Association ARTE.RO, he received many national and international prizes, awards and scholarships in Bangladesh, Macedonia, Portugal, France, England, Italy, Bulgaria and Hong Kong. Some of his latest achievements in the field of Art are two scholarships, one for a period of 4 months in Rome, enabling him to study at the Accademia di Belle Arte di Roma, and the other one, the prestigious Tinere Talente award (Young Talents) received from the Romanian Royal House’s Foundation, Principesa Margareta a României,in 2016.

Ambitious and hard-working in his painting, drawing, photography and iconography, Andrei Nuțu hopes to find himself in the art world with a lot of challenges, patience and will, thus revealing his both his view of himself and that of the world that surrounds us.