Managing to create a successful duet between her art making and professional entrepreneurship, her paintings reached many parts of the globe and the events she organized are a continuous flawless success. First she was attracted to Paintings, she loves colours and her works are mainly “captures” from nature. She learned the trade of painting from the artist Arcadie Raileanu from Neamț, who taught and gave her the tools to build a strong career.

In 2006 she organized for the first time in Romania the “International conference for Human rights” followed by a different flavored event “Miss Piatra Neamț, Sport and Beauty” and the “Folk Gala, Good people for the world”.

One year later she got together the “National Congress of Surgeons” and the “Traditional Folk Celebration for Christmas” in Piatra Neamț.

Currently she obtained the Masters Degree in Art from the University of the Arts “George Enescu”, working for her Doctorate in between her monthly trips to Venice on a scholarship on the Auction specialisation.