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Omri Mor is a pianist, composer and arranger. His musical prowess ranges from Classical and Jazz to Arabo-Andalusian music. He tours frequently with Bassist Avishai Cohen’s trio and has recently released his debut album “It’s About Time!” (naïve-believe, 2018).

Born in Israel in 1983, Omri began playing at the age of seven by picking out tunes he favoured on the keyboard, followed by taking his first piano lessons at age of eleven. Initially, he enjoyed exploring himself even pieces as intricate as Beethoven sonatas. Around the age of fourteen, Omri met three of his major musical influences. He began studying classical music under the guidance of Prof. Benjamin Oren while, almost simultaneously, joining jazz saxophonist and educator Arnie Lawrence’s class. Within a year, Omri was invited by Lawrence to perform together on a weekly basis at a local coffee place. While continuing his classical and Jazz education, Omri met Moroccan-born singer and multi-instrumentalist Nino Bitton, a master of Arabo-Andalusian and Algerian Chaâbi styles. He would visit Nino on a daily basis for lessons that could stretch from late afternoon into the early hours of the day. As soon as he had covered the repertoire, Omri joined Nino’s band, playing and recording alongside him.

Omri Mor’s debut album, “It’s about time!”, comes at the pick of his expanding and unique musical language. His soulful compositions are suggestive of his diverse musical references and virtoso performance. The albume also features some of the leading musical figures of today’s musical scene: bassist Avishai Cohen, drummer Karim Ziad, bassist Michel Alibo, drummer Donald Kontomanou and Maâlem Abdelkébir Merchane.

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